Doula Care

Ashlee really helped me achieve my goal of a beautiful and medication free childbirth. I’m so happy I hired Ashlee as my doula. Her services made a huge difference in my birth experience, she knew just how to help when I needed it. I’m not sure I would have been as successful at a natural birth without her there.
— Beth S. Santa Fe, NM
Ashlee’s expertise and professionalism are unparalleled but overall and more importantly Ashlee was my saving grace. She encouraged and comforted me through the most difficult and painful moments of my labor. She is absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have done it without her. I would recommend her a million times over and I always do to any of my expecting friends.
— Rachele G. Santa Fe, NM
After a difficult labor for my son’s birth, my husband and I were anxious about the birth of our second child and decided to hire a Doula for the additional support. Ashlee was wonderful and proved to be a warm and nurturing presence for my daughter Camille’s birth. Her background in Bodywork and Aromatherapy and knowledge about the birth process in general was particularly helpful; both in helping to get my labor going (I went 8 days past my due date) and during my labor.
— Meghan M. Santa Fe, NM
Thank you Ashlee for helping us with the birth of my son Maxsen. You were amazing and there for us every step of the way. It was a long night and you made the experience beautiful. I highly recommend your services to anyone needing them. You are Wonderful!
— Ruben V. Santa Fe, NM
Thank you for your knowledge and support during (and before) labor and delivery. Thanks to you I was able to labor at home for almost the entire time and achieve a natural birth. It was exactly what I wanted. Thank you for your calm throughout the process. It made a huge difference for us.
— Sarah P. Santa Fe, NM
We can’t thank you enough for all your help throughout the long laboring process! I couldn’t have done it without you... or at least it would have been soooooo much harder!
— Cory D. Santa Fe, NM
I hired Ashlee to be my Doula after meeting her in a birthing class with my husband. I decided to go with a Doula because I wanted the experience to be as natural as possible. I found Ashlee’s overall presence and demeanor to be very mellow and encouraging so when my husband suggested we hire her I was really excited.

Ashlee worked with us very closely to come up with our birth plan. We had an understanding that I wanted to go au naturale, but if necessary I would use drugs if it meant my or my daughter’s ultimate safety. Well, long story short, after almost 60 hours of labor, 2 visits to the hospital, countless hours of breathing, walking up and down curbs, and sitting on bolsters (all of which Ashlee was happily a part of), I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl! Needless to say towards the end I was beginning to lose confidence in my ability to birth her unassisted, but Ashlee stood firm to my wishes and encouraged me to keep going. I am so thankful that she was there. The long labor was brutal on my husband as well and she supported him and made sure he was taken care of as well because he was so focused on me. Ashlee stayed on as a part-time nanny for my little girl and we are just so happy to have her in our lives!
— Jindra M. Santa Fe, NM


I haven’t received this kind of transformative bodywork for too long a time. Ashlee is present, insightful, intuitive, skilled, and energetically pristine. I haven’t felt this safe, or cared for, on a treatment table in over two decades. I find it difficult to summarize the depth of healing I gain from Ashlee’s massage & energywork. I see her regularly, and each treatment is relevant, nourishing & deeply therapeutic. As a bodyworker myself, I feel so deeply & thoroughly grateful to have found Ashlee. Her work makes me a healthier person,and a better therapist. I recommend her-with full confidence- to anyone wanting, or needing, genuine & effective care. Thank you, Ashlee! Truly.
— Alona B. Santa Fe, NM
Ashlee is incredibly gifted and giving in not only her talent, but her time. She never seems rushed, and her knowledge of prenatal care is beyond. So, so enjoyable, relaxing and nurturing. I forgot I was uncomfortable and pregnant for the duration of my massage!
— Kelly Q. Santa Fe, NM
Ashlee is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, comforting, and effective—this bodywork was such a peaceful and relaxing (and important) experience with a great provider, to help me feel both physically and mentally more prepared for the birth before my baby arrives. (And of course to work out any discomforts in a rapidly changing body :) ) I am looking forward to my next prenatal appointment with Ashlee!
— Kristin C. Santa Fe, NM
Thank you Ashlee for giving me the BEST Ayurvedic massage EVER!! Enjoying the continued calming effects!
— Wenonah C. Santa Fe, NM
Ashlee was exceptional! I left feeling totally blissed out. This was the best prenatal massage I have ever had, by far.
— Third time mom. Santa Fe, NM
Ashlee is truly amazing!! She made sure baby and I were comfortable, addressed all my concerns and also focused on all the right areas! Ashlee is very skilled and knowledgeable in what she does! You must schedule with her!
— Jolynn P. Santa Fe, NM
Absolutely loved my experience! Ashlee was super kind and conscientious of my needs and wanted me to have a really individualized treatment. I felt totally comfortable and relaxed, and today (day after) I feel so much more energetic and my body feels great!
— Celia B. Santa Fe, NM
Ashlee’s prenatal massage was wonderful all around! I would highly recommend her to others for this service.
— Alex M. Santa Fe, NM
Finding a massage therapist that you feel safe and comfortable with at 8 months pregnant is no easy task. It was clear that Ashlee has the skill and experience to meet my needs and encourage extreme relaxation.
— Danielle G. Santa Fe, NM
Such a wonderful prenatal massage! I was feeling very stressed and crazy coming from the doctors and Ashlee helped fix that!
— Tara S. Santa Fe, NM
Ashlee has a sweet and infectiously joyous energy. She is a highly experienced Ayurvedic therapist and educator. I always feel taken care of when I am lucky enough to receive a massage from her.
— Cecilia F. Santa Fe, NM
My massage therapist was Ashlee, and she was absolutely phenomenal. I get massages all the time, and she really took her time to make sure it was a very healing and restorative experience for me. In fact, the massage was so relaxing, I actually started dozing off here and there during the face down part (which has *never* happened before!). She was all up in my fascia and worked my knots likes no one’s business. There were a few times during the massage where I was thinking: “This lady’s skillz are reDONKulous!
— Yelp Review
I felt as if I was walking on a cloud after Ashlee’s massage.
— Shannon B. San Francisco, CA
I had no idea of what I was about to experience - the most blissful treatment of my life (seriously, and I’ve had a lot of massages).
My amazing experience prompted me to purchase a monthly membership. This entails a monthly massage appointment for a discounted rate. My therapist is Ashlee, who is consistently incredible. She listens very carefully, and is very talented - both of which are very well reflected within the treatment.
— Romi J. San Francisco, CA
I’ve been here twice and each time was with Ashlee. I told her where my trouble spots are and the type of pressure I preferred. She delivered on both fronts and really worked on me. I’ve been hopping around looking for the right massage therapist —I’m relieved that I don’t have to look further.
— Ima O. San Francisco, CA
I had a one hour prenatal massage with Ashlee. Ashlee is fantastic - she is very skilled, using great techniques and the right amount of pressure. She worked hard to make sure that I was physically comfortable on the table. She gave me good tips afterwards as well.
— Tammi H. San Francisco, CA
She spent time with me both before and after the massage to talk about my body’s aches/pains and to make recommendations about things I should consider to help with my neck and shoulders. I really appreciated that. I also really appreciated that that didn’t cut into the actual massage time (yay!).
— Karen F. San Francisco, CA
Finally, I scheduled an appointment with Ashlee. I was pleasantly surprised by the entire experience that was completely peaceful and calm. Ashlee really did a supreme job of getting the major kinks out of my back. She was just so professional, attentive, and competent. Thanks Ashlee for creating a little R & R bliss for me today :) I’ll be back :)
— Lin B. San Francisco, CA
I set up my very first appointment for a 90-minute massage with Ashlee. It felt like a 15-minute massage! By the time she was done, I couldn’t believe 90 minute has passed.. I didn’t want it to end. I felt so peaceful and happy. Definitely worth the money & I can’t wait for my next visit with Ashley.
— Cindy M. San Francisco, CA
I woke up this morning still feeling relaxed and light as a feather from yesterday’s massage by Ashlee. I left completely satisfied, which usually isn’t the case with 1 hour massages (I usually do 90 min.).
— Cleo F. San Francisco, CA
Ashlee’s hands were magic on my arms and back
— Susan M. San Francisco, CA