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Ashlee is a Postpartum Doula in Santa Fe, NM Offering Breastfeeding Support, Newborn Care, Birth

Ashlee offers Postpartum doula care in Santa Fe, NM. Postpartum Doula Support helps new parents adjust to life after birth and with a new baby. Doulas can provide answers to many new parent questions, help with infant care and soothing, moms healing, breastfeeding, making nighttime feeding and infant sleep as easy as possible etc. 

Postpartum Doula Support


Nothing can prepare you for the amount of love, exhaustion and questions you will face in the first few weeks and months as new parents. There is no shame in asking for help and getting the nurturing support you deserve.

In Ayurveda it is always emphasized that in order to nourish a baby the mother needs to be supported and nurtured herself. Many other countries have some sort of sitting in period where the new parents are supposed to stay at home and their immediate family (or their entire community) helps to support the new parents; by bringing them food, massaging them etc. Often in our modern society couples don’t have that type of support and feel pressure to get back to normal as soon as possible. Unfortunately those expectations are unrealistic and leave new parents feeling overwhelmed, confused and not sure how to ask for the help they need.

By getting early support new parents can get more rest and feel more comfortable and confident breastfeeding and taking care of their newborn. Often postpartum depression can be avoided before it becomes a problem, early breastfeeding struggles can be overcome and new parents can be assured they are doing the right thing, pointed in the right direction if lost and given resources they may need to help the early weeks and months with a new baby an easier transition. 


Postpartum doula support may include:

·      Emotional, educational and nutritional support

·      Breastfeeding education and support

·      Holding and soothing baby so you can rest, eat, shower etc.

·      Teaching infant soothing techniques

·      Baby wearing education

·      Making breastfeeding and changing stations

·      Helping you find the best and safest solutions for night sleeping and feeding

·      Answering your questions about your healing, breastfeeding and newborn behavior

·      Help with light house keeping such as laundry, dishes and tidying if the above isn't needed

·      Running errands for newborn, breastfeeding recovery supplies

·      Helping siblings (and occasionally pets) adjust to a new baby

·      Resources and referrals to outside sources if needed


Postpartum doula support is available in packages of 4, 6, 8, 12 or more hours. Packages over 12 hours receive a discount. Postpartum appointments are generally two to four hours a day, but can be longer if needed and my schedule allows. I do not do overnights, but am often available in the evenings.


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