Massage for the Childbearing Year

Ashlee specializes in Prenatal Massage, Induction Massage, Labor Massage, Postpartum Massage in Santa Fe, NM. There are many benefits to massage during different points in Mothers lives. Whether it's increasing fertility or the many benefits of Prenatal, labor and Postpartum massage. 

Massage for the Childbearing Year


Fertility Massage

A relaxing massage that focuses on balancing female hormones for optimal conception. A blend of Swedish and Ayurvedic massage helps to destress your mind, nourish your endocrine system and bring more blood flow to the pelvic and uterine areas, which in turn can help the ovaries and uterus function optimally. If there is known scaring or inflammation to the pelvic area more work can be done there to help break up adhesions. Contraindications for pregnancy will be avoiding  for those who may be in a waiting period and may not no if they are pregnant or not.

Prenatal Massage

Massage during pregnancy not only feels wonderful, but also has many short and long term health benefits for you and your baby. Prenatal massage helps to relieve the swelling, soreness, and fatigue that occur during pregnancy. Whether you just need to relax or you have specific pain related to your pregnancy, available options include specific work, full body relaxation, or a combination of both. Supportive bolsters, wedges, and pillows are used to keep you in the optimal position.

Postpartum Therapeutic Massage

The benefits of postpartum massage include improvements in healing, bonding, breastfeeding, and rest, in addition to reducing the potential for postpartum mood disorders. Besides being wonderful for the new mom, the physical and psychological benefits directly impact the newborn; if the mother is nourished and taken care of, she is able to truly nourish and care for her baby.

Postpartum therapeutic massage allows some time for focus where needed (more or less depending on the length of the session), includes a warm pack for the belly and belly massage as well as a relaxing and grounding full body massage. Depending on how far out you are some deep tissue techniques can be used as needed.

 Postpartum Ayurvedic Massage

This massage is especially nourishing for women who have recently given birth. Organic oils are infused with medicinal herbs and essential oils specifically for the postpartum period. This massage includes a warm oil scalp massage, facial massage with marma points, warm pack for the bell, belly massage and full body slow rhythmic relaxation massage with copious amounts of warm herbal oils applied to the entire body. According to Ayurveda this massage nourishes all layers of the tissues, allowing new mothers to be fully nourished so that they have the strength to nourish their babies. You will leave the table feeling rested, grounded, and renewed.

This treatment is especially effective within the first three months after birth and can begin as soon as twenty-four hours after birth. Packages of three or more are often recommended for optimal benefit and package discounts are available. During the immediate postpartum, the massage can be done in your home and has the option to be followed by an herbal postpartum bath.

Postpartum Specific Pain Relief

Some people can be very sore from labor, a cesarean and early days of recovery mixed with lots of breastfeeding and holding their newborn. If you are very sore, in pain or having tension headaches we can do a more specific deeper tissue style massage tailored to your needs. Depending on how far our you are, what your health is and what type of birth you had I may or may not be able to do this in the immediate week or two following your birth. Often I can still do a modified version with less deep work where it’s not indicated.

Ripening/Induction massage

Massage has been shown to lower stress hormones in pregnant women, allowing them to be in a more optimal state for the body to go into labor on its own. Acupressure specific for instigating labor is also used. No guarantees, but it has worked in the past!

Reflexology/Acupressure Induction

More focused lower body massage and acupressure specific to inducing labor or speeding up a slow early labor.

Early Labor massage

Depending on the intensity of labor, a full body or partial body massage can be given in your home or the hospital. This can include reflexology and acupressure if you need to speed labor up. Instruction of acupressure techniques can also be given to the partner or doula to be used throughout labor.

Infant Massage/Infant Massage Instruction

Infant massage has numerous benefits for the baby, including: calming anxiety, creating relaxation, strengthening the nervous system, aiding in digestion, and helping to relieve constipation and gas. Infant massage also strengthens the bond between parent and child. In this class you will learn how to give your baby a simple full body massage. Techniques are based in Swedish and Ayurvedic massage and may include some reflexology. Herbal Ayurvedic infant massage oil is included. Infant massage or instruction can be booked separately or added to a postpartum massage. 

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