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Birth Doula

Birth doula


I am honored to be invited into such a special time in your lives. My goal is to help you feel empowered in your pregnancy, birth and journey into parenthood. Knowing that mothers remember their births for the rest of their lives I hope to help you and your partner have a positive experience for you to look back on and one that will start your journey with this new baby in a positive and supported way.


Birth Doula Package Includes the following

Complimentary consultation to go over services, your wishes and to get to know each other.

On-call Support 24 hour on-call support for labor from 37-42 weeks. Phone and email support throughout pregnancy and the first couple weeks postpartum.

2-3 prenatal visits in your home before your 38th week. Prenatal visits may include: educational handouts, reviewing the process of labor and birth, discussing techniques for optimal fetal positioning, and preparing for the birth you want. We will go over comfort measures, ways to bring partners closer together and skills to help you prepare. 


Labor and Birth support

·      On-call support at any time if you think you may be in labor

·      Guidance determining if you are having true signs of labor

·      Phone support for the early parts of labor

·      Availability to meet you in your home when you need hands on support

·      Help you know when it’s time to go to the hospital

·      Recommendations for positions for optimal fetal positioning

·      Recommendations for activities to help labor progress

·      Assistance in keeping the laboring space conducive to relaxation

·      Help with breathing and relaxation techniques

·      Aromatherapy, massage and acupressure specific to labor support


Postpartum Support

Immediate postpartum support is provided after the birth for the initial recovery and to help with babies first latch.

First prenatal visit within 24 - 48 hours of the birth to check in on mom, baby and breastfeeding. The initial postpartum visit helps facilitate optimal recovery and breastfeeding and information about normal newborn behavior, feeding cues, safe sleep etc.

A second postpartum visit at your home within the first week of birth or arriving home. I will be there to answer any questions that have come up, to check on mom, partner and baby and to assist with breastfeeding, moms healing, guidance on ways to make nighttime feeding and sleeping and infant basics. Postpartum appointments can also include making nursing stations, holding baby so mom can shower, nap etc. Going over swaddling, or infant soothing techniques or helping around the house with dishes, laundry or tidying. Additional lactation and Postpartum hours can be added on to your doula package.

* Please note that I can only accommodate 2-3 doula clients a month and my schedule books out quickly. It is never too early to book a consultation or to reserve your due date. I can occasionally take last minute bookings, but prefer to begin working together by 30 - 32 weeks if possible. 

Ashlee is currently working as a doula with The Birthing Tree, which allows her to have a back up of similar experience to go on-call with her incase of an emergency or a birth overlap. 

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