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Belly Casting in Santa Fe, NM Create a physical memory of your pregnant belly

Belly casting is a wonderful and fun way to preserve the memory of your pregnant belly for years to come. Children love to see "their belly" when they get older and mothers are always surprised at how impressive their pregnant belly was.

Belly Casting

A belly cast is a beautiful three-dimensional plaster sculpture of a woman's pregnant belly as a keepsake of her pregnancy.

Belly casting is a fun and artistic way to preserve what your pregnant body once looked like long after it is gone! It is fun for children to see “their” belly and amazing to the mom that their belly was so big. The cast is made of a nontoxic plaster casting material that will form to the body. You can choose a full cast of the belly and breasts or choose to only to do the belly.

Belly Casts are most impressive if done between 34-38 weeks. It will take approximately an hour. You provide your impressive belly and I will provide all of the materials, do the set up and clean up.